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Gateway2China web site is currently managed by Zhenqin Li.   The purpose of this web site is to provide a single point of entry for China-related online information resources and classified advertisements which are easy to search or browse.  Preference is given to the selection of English-language resources which facilitate global understandings, communications, and trades with China.  A small collection of links to high-quality and informative Chinese-language websites are also included. Currently more than 10,000 China-related web pages are linked from our site.

While the information distributed on this site is deemed of high quality, we can not guarantee that the information selected is completely accurate, nor that the selection process is entirely objective. 

In making Gateway2China a comprehensive resource on China, we have also provided the entire sets of China-related data from Open Directory - Regional: Asia: China and Open Directory - World: Chinese Simplified for search and browsing at Gateway2China/Open Directory - China and Gateway2China/Open Directory - Simplified Chinese.   Since the Open Directory is a compilation of many different volunteer editors' contributions, the editorial criteria used by the Open Directory editors may not be consistent with that of our own.

Furthermore, messages in the Gateway2China Classifieds and Forum sections are freely posted by users, whose accuracy we take no responsibility.

Banner ads submited from other web sites may be included in a designated area below or above the editorial areas of each web page.  Their inclusions are for the sole purpose of promoting this site in link-exchange programs, without any implied endorsement from Gateway2China of the contents of these sites.  Furthermore, affiliation or commercial banners may also be featured in the future.

The materials contained on this web site may be freely redistributed, as long as the copyright notice of Gateway2China (©Gateway2China) and its hyperlink ( at the bottom of this page are duly reprinted in their entirety.

Last edited: 01/05/17

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