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General Guide

  • China the Beautiful, extensive collections by Dr. M.L. Pei about Chinese arts, poetry, philosophy, language and history.
  • Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan, comprehensive coverage ranging from Chinese philosophy to folk cultures, compiled by the Government Information Office in Taiwan.
  • Academic Info China Studies, links to information resources in the areas of history, language & linguistics, religion & philosophy.
  • Chinese Popular Culture, a young American's perspectives on the popular music, television and alternative subcultures in mainland China.
  • China on Site, unique collections on Chinese literature, paintings, food, etc., including original comic strips on classics such as Monkey King and Tale of Water Margin.
  • Chinese Culture, as guided by Jun Shan of

Arts and Music

Philosophy & Language

Chinese History

Guide to the I Ching
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Collection of Classics and Online Cultural Resources

Chinese Culture Education

  • China: Resources for Secondary School Educators, net links to a wide range of subjects including teaching resources, learning activities & lesson plans related to aspects of Chinese history, culture and society.
  • Surf the Net with Kids: China, "The best China site on the Web for families, kids, teachers".
  • Transnational China Project, seeks innovative approaches to the study of contemporary China through the use of multimedia and other advanced technologies, and by means of new forms of both personal and inter-institutional collaboration.


  • The Chinese Flags, illustrations and interpretations of the PRC national flag, the Communist Party flag, and historical/cultural flags.
  • Chinese Surnames, Chinese family names and Genealogies information.
  • Festivals, background information and activities associated with Chinese festivals.
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