Will Countries that support Terrorists ever learn their lesson?

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Posted by Frank on August 06, 2006 at 09:13:56:

Lessons are hard for them to learn.

Ya I guess terrorist organizations simply did not count on 160 countries supporting a war on terrorism. Because of the threat the are putting up billions to fight it. You good people sit around and bitch piss and moan about the collateral damage in Lebanon and yet these terrorist, militant organizations hid behind innocent women and children and then fund suicide bombings that kill many or slit the throats of babies in Iraq for supporting American troops.

No what you all are seeing today is a war on countries that support international terrorism, and the countries involved in this fight are doing nothing more than taking the fight directly to the terrorists. Last year alone Saudi Arabia arrested over 500 militants and killed another 100. The Bali bomber is scheduled to be executed. I hope he keeps that smile on. A little something Osama did not count on when he was bitch slapped back to his cave. It is pathetic for me to watch this pervert of Islam issue threatening tapes, beg for money, and have to hide like the coward dog that he is because the war on terrorism has reduced his to issuing tapes much like Saddam did before his capture. Oh ya will Saddam hang like a dog criminal after the verdict or will he still try to “dictate” to his executioners how he will die?

Hello people

Afghanistan’s previous unelected and illegitimate government if you could even call it that is gone. Thanks America. They supported the plotters of America’s September 11th. The 30 years of war is over. Al Quadea lost Afghanistan.

Iraq? Iraq that used to support terrorism is gone. Thanks America.

Ham Ass they are not even major players anymore because no one wants anything to do with them.

Hes bolla?

Well as Hesbolla retreats Lebanon the trail of their retreat will be quite obvious within the next few days. Their path out will be littered with destruction.

You see every time Hesbolla launches a missal into Israel? Israel can use satellites to pinpoint the location of firing, so if I were Hezbollah I would stop launching. Within 24 hour the place will be flattened. If you good people think you have seen the end to this violence, you are sadly mistaken. Israel by next week will control a vary large area and Lebanon’s government will wonder if allowing terrorist organizations into their country was a wise choice.

But then again when dealing with ignorant criminal murderers, they need to learn their lesion; a lesion terrorist did not count on.

Personally I have what I call a Franko solution to fighting terrorists that other countries seem to have adopted.

They hid behind women and children, they do not have real jobs other than to pervert Islam, they cannot support their families or be productive people in society and they simply plot to murder as many women, children, market shoppers or religious worshipers. They act so dangerous that I feel that they should be treated as dangerous.

The Franko policy?

Find them and kill them.

It works and helps keep the local funeral industry alive.

It in my view is justified if they choose to act so violent.

They seem to have unleashed a Pandora’s Box of violence they will not be able to win at. It is like watching the extermination of the American Indians. Just something they could never overcome. How sad but then again they started it and we will finish it for them, now wound us?

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