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China-Related Discussion Forums

  • China News Digest (CND), discussion forums and compilations of Chinese student organization lists, directories, newsletters, and information resources.
  • ChannelChina2, reviews, experiences and facts about expatriates in China. Also has a Russian version.


Online Chinese Magazines & Digests
  • Hua Xia Wen Zhai (华夏文摘), one of the first comprehensive online Chinese magazines and literary digests, published by China News Digest.
  • Xin Yu Si (新语丝), monthly literary magazine and online collection of notable articles published in Chinese. Also has several Chinese discussion forums.
  • Feng Hua Yuan (枫华园), a comprehensive electronic Chinese magazine on news, current affairs, culture and arts about China.
  • Century China (世纪中国) , Hong Kong-based website dedicated to intellectual and scholarly discussions in Chinese.

Community Organizations, Directories, Activities & Resources

  • The Committee of 100, leading organization of Chinese Americans dedicated to serving as cultural ambassadors and fostering the exchange of ideas and perspectives among community members with those in the government.
  • China Foundation, charitable organization to raise funds to improve basic health services and elementary education in underdeveloped rural areas in China.  Project Hope, social welfare program initiated by China Youth Development Foundation for the improvement of educational conditions in China's poor areas and to promote youth development in China.
  • Bridge to Asia, website dedicated to sharing knowledge between East and West.
  • China Scholars Abroad (神州学人), website of Chinese magazine contains extensive links to information and government policies related to Chinese students and scholars abroad.
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